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The Fifth Anniversary of Aoyuan Membership Invitation Tournament was held on September 9th, 2014. With five years of standing together through thick and thin, Aoyuan has become one of the rare golf courses of membership with high quality not only in Beijing but all around China. 100 members of Aoyuan have been invited to swing together among green filed and grass, tasting the natural beauty, priceless friendship and the fun of ball. The Tournament began with the appearance of the chairman Luo Jinchao and the general manager Yang Ning of Aoyuan who led member representatives to carry out the colorful ball that drew a beautiful arc in the air. In the beautiful warm sand painting performance, awards banquet began, which includes 6 single awards and up to 7 turns of big lucky draw, and the announcement of the challenging Champion of the 2014 Members Challenging Tournament pushed the atmosphere to the climax again and again, and the club was filled with warm of home. Luo's speech pushed the atmosphere to a climax, and members and guests not only came back with fruitful results but their inner hearts were deeply moved.

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